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We offer several services

  1. Analyse your current payroll software set up and investigate ways to make your software work for you, reconfiguring or rebuilding where necessary.
  2. Take a look at your processes and procedures and help streamline them for you, using industry best practice.
  3. Work with you to Implement new software and design the calculations and elements to work inline with your organisation’s Terms and Conditions.
  4. Run your Outsourced Payroll

I have over thirty years of experience working in the Payroll and HR departments of organisations. 14 years of that time was in leadership and management roles.

I have experience of Sage and Northgate systems, but have a vast knowledge of MidlandHR’s iTrent Solution from a payroll perspective, Cascades HR product and Business Objects reporting tool.

I have experience of creating Payrolls, Elements, Calculations, Absence Schemes and other system-related items.

    Yes, we are now able to offer a Payroll Bureau service to companies. Please see our services page.

    I have used Sage and Northgate products in the past. But my more recent experience is with MidlandHR’s iTrent Solution, Business Objects Reporting tool and CascadeHRs product.

    For our Bureau service, we utilise the KeyPay system.

    Headquartered in Leeds, West Yorkshire, but can work anywhere in the U.K.

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    The Benefits of Outsourcing 

    The Benefits of Outsourcing 

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    Outsourcing Payroll: How hard is the process?

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